Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who am I?

Oh, yeah, I have a blog!


I am admittedly not good at blogging. I have vowed before that I am going to be better. But...{this time} I am really going to do it. It will come in the form of little posts, short snippets, and maybe just pictures of new creations from my studio.

There is an incentive for all of you to hold me to it. A little thank you, in the form of a coupon code to use in my Etsy shop, Sister Sue Designs. If you look to the sidebar {on the left side} there is a new little 'coupon code' box where I will host sales...just for my readers. The only thing I ask in return is that you 'follow' my blog, so we can be friends...m'kay? This code {BLOGRDR11} will save you 15% on your total purchase!

Speaking of 'following.' You will also notice that me and all my tech savvy finally figured out how to add widgets for you to easily follow Sister Sue Designs on Facebook and Twitter. But, that has used up most of my knowledge when it comes to this computer stuff.


So, here is to a new beginning {let's pretend we are raising our glasses} of my blogging endevour! Let me tell you a little about me and who I am.

I love fabric. I love to sew. I love color. I love black & white. I love the unexpected. I love handmade. I love simple. I love complicated. I love the expected. I love inspiration. I love useful. I love people. I love original. I love to be original. I love twitter. I love music. I love my family. I love to love.

I am a mom. I am a wife. I am happy when I am sewing. I am in love. I am a nurse by day. I am a sewing superhero by night. I am a hard worker. I am organized. I am modern. I am free. I am inspired by my kids & their friends. I am complicated. I am simple.

I am Jen.
I am Sister Sue Designs.

Now it is your turn. Leave me a comment and tell me something about you...m'kay?