Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Houston, we have a problem...

Just to "keep it real" following my post that introduced all of you to my work space. I promised you it doesn't always look that clean. I didn't lie.

As you can see, my son's "space guys and space monkeys" have landed in my studio. Not to be outdone, my daughter's horse stable has also set up camp. It is starting to feel smaller in my studio as the toys migrate to where I am. *Sigh*

I tell myself to step over the horses and astronauts, and remember that before I know it the toys won't be there. Before I know it, my kids will be grown and I will long for them to play in my studio. I will want to step over their toys and not just my own mess.

So, really, it isn't always clean. *Laugh* The funny thing is that I seem to thrive in clutter! I was so productive this weekend as I worked around the toy obstacle.

Like I said, just keeping it real.

Friday, March 27, 2009

New look

I am so excited to unveil my "new look" to all of you! As my business has grown over the past year, it was time for my image to grow also. Maybe "grow up" is a better way to say it. In the beginning of Sister Sue, I loved the flower. But it was time to lose it and find my own identity. My good friend Beth, at Ruby & Roja, designed my new Sister Sue logo (she also designed my blog. Love it. Keepin' the flower here). Don't you love the font that looks like I sewed it? *Sigh* Love at first sight.

Next step was to take my new logo to my local MO girl, Julie, of Stockwell Designs. Folks, she does incredible work! Just look at it, that is my business card! So, for all of my Etsy friends looking for help with their look, she's your magician. I told her thoughts I had and what I definitely didn't want; and she made it very difficult to narrow down my options! She is the Art Director, Creative Designs at a big company; but is spinning up her own company on the side. She doesn't have her own website yet, but if you are interested in her contact info, let me know. She also designed awesome stickers, tags, and letterhead. I have letterhead! So, someone request that I send you and letter, m'kay? Then order something from my shop, so that I can send you something with a sticker on the box and a lovely new tag. I love stickers. Guess I'll eternally be a 6 yr. old sticker collector.

So, go now and check out the new look at my shop (Julie designed my banner too)! Go. Now. Please....

Isn't it divine? *Sigh. LOVE.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sister Sue Studio - Part 2

So, on the last post, I realized I posted my pictures backwards from how I planned for you to see them! I guess you walked backwards through my studio. Ha, Ha!

I also couldn't post all of the pictures I planned to show. That's why there's a part 2. Out of my ignorance of Blogger.

One of the other best things about the space is the closet. It's....well, GIANT. At our last home, I had all of my fabrics stored in plastic storage bins. Now, they are folded neatly (for now) on lovely shelves; where I can see ALL of them.

You may be thinking how amazingly clean and organized the studio looks right now. But, alas, I cleaned and put everything in it's place for the pictures. Anyone who knows me will agree that it won't stay this pristine for long. Creativity thrives in clutter - in my opinion!

And the last picture turned out dark because when I look out of my studio on a beautiful day, I can see the sunshine in the backyard. I love that.

Come on in...

I always think it's fun and interesting to see where people live, and work, and play. I thought it might be interesting to you to see my new studio!

Back in September, we moved to a new home. I love it. We have lived in several homes since we've been married (14 years), but they've always had a "time limit" of sorts. The "first house" when we got married was a "fixer upper" and we got our fill of fixin'. Then the "grown up" house in Colorado that reminded us of the one's we grew up in. It was 4 bedrooms, two stories; the one we planned to start our family in - and did. Then was the "transfer - brand new home" back to Kansas - unexpectedly, due to my husband's promotion. That's when we decided a brand new house that was quickly finished; required a lot of fixin' too! But it was our "10 year plan"; great neighborhood, close to schools and everything else. Our son was born while we lived in this home. But, we gradually neared 10 years (without realizing it) and slowly outgrew the space.

This summer we happened upon this house and instantly knew it would be our next home. This is "the one." This is the house we will raise our children in, they will grow up here and bring their friends here. We will grow old here.

All along our plan was to finish the basement and give me the studio I always wanted. My own space. I am a lucky girl. The construction was finished in November, but my studio continues to "evolve". I tried to do my homework and really make sure the bones of the space were work friendly to me and that everything flows. Most everything is unpacked. I am still working on the "stuff" and decorating it exactly how I want it. But it's fun to have my own area that is everything I love. It is LOVE.

Everything has a place in my studio. I love that. It is right in my basement! All I have to do is "go downstairs" and BAM, I'm at work. I love that. I just bought the chair at my writing/laptop desk; it is green! I love that. It's from here, and I love this store. Last, but not least are all of the little things on my shelves above the work stations. Birds. I love birds!

I gotta go to work. I love that.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mailed Away

Today is a big day for Sister Sue Designs! I shipped the Original Diaper Totes and Cloth Play Blocks for the celebrity gift baskets they will be a part of. I promised to share pictures with you of my final fabric choices - so here they are!

For little Zuma (Gwen Stefani's son), I chose red, black and gold as my color palette. I love these fabrics together and I hope they love them as well. I named this color combination "Rock On" in their honor and will list it in my Etsy shop for sale.

Dolly and Charlie (Rebecca Romajin's twin daughters) will receive the Blue Daisy color combination. I think it is so femanine, happy and really screams "SPRING." This colorway is currently available in my shop. Blue Daisies + baby girls = LOVE.

I look forward to hearing feedback from Style Cafe Moms. They will photograph my items in the basket before it is sent and send me any correspondence they receive. I will be sure to share with you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Growing up

It is hard to believe that Sister Sue Designs has been open for almost a year! As that happens, it means my "customers" are growing up. All of those precious babies that needed burp cloths and booties are now needing bigger bibs and cloth play blocks. My original bib design fits 0-9 months, which presents a problem for all of these little darlings.

I am proud to introduce the new "toddler bib." Designed for 9+ months, it has some of the great things you love about Sister Sue and lots of new features. The toddler bib is still reversible with a resin snap; no scratchy velcro to tire out! It is also still made from 100% cotton fabrics, that continue to be fun and stylish. A great new feature of the toddler bib is the bamboo core. Bamboo is the "new cotton" these days, and growing in popularity for organic trends. It is naturally more absorbant than cotton, smooth, breathable and naturally antibacterial. So, it's a great fit for toddlers!

As for the toddler bib style, you'll notice that it has changed too. Instead of wrestling your toddler to get the bib fastened behind their neck, this one easily and quickly snaps at their shoulder.

Sister Sue Designs will continue to "grow up" and expand to fit the toddler world; while keeping stylish, original designs for the new siblings that will soon join many of these lovely families!

Blue and Whimsy

I've decided I'm done with winter! DONE, DONE, DONE. Do you hear me? I am ready for spring flowers, green, kids playing outside, and the sun.

But, since I can't change the weather (although my 4 yr old says he can make a "weather changer machine"), I will have to settle for creating with new spring fabrics. These new items that I just posted in my store scream SPRING to me. The colors, flowers and darling birds are just what I need to lift my spirits on a 30 degree day.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do - I don't think they will stick around for long!