Monday, December 29, 2008

Blown Away

At 4:32 AM on Saturday morning, I woke up to the LOUDEST sound I have ever heard. Now, having grown up in Kansas and living here off and on most of my life; I'm no stranger to severe weather and have spent time waiting out tornado watches/warnings in the basement. But, on Saturday morning - I heard THAT sound. The 'freight train' sound tornado survivors talk about. OMG it is LOUD, and I swear it went right over my house! I bolted out of bed and led the kids to the basement. Thank goodness, it was so dark out behind our house that I could not see what was happening. But I could hear it. After about 20 minutes, we returned upstairs and the sound was gone. I got back into bed, but couldn't stop my heart from racing. As the sun came up, we saw the destruction. We have a tile roof (concrete tiles, y' all) and there were a couple tiles in the grass. The glass patio table was shattered, the swingset overturned and launched in to the wooded area behind us, the screens on our beautiful screened deck blown out, outdoor furniture thrown into the rod iron fence like dollhouse furniture; arrghhghhh.... it goes on. The important thing is that we are safe. It is all fixable, just a pain to go through the process. After all, this is a NEW house and we thought our contractor days were over! So, Toto, I guess we ARE in Kansas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Giveaway WINNERS!!

I am so excited to announce the winners of my first Sister Sue Designs giveaway! Thank you to those of you that participated, I wish all of you could be winners! But, I let pick 2 winners of brand new diaper totes; and they are....

1. Jayme

2. Kama

So ladies, check your email so you can claim your prize! I hope all of you will continue to follow my blog. I plan to do more fun giveaways that I create for Sister Sue and some tutorials so that you can create your own wonderful items! Next giveaway, Sister Sue Cloth Play Blocks - stay tuned for a date....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sister Sue Giveaway EXTENDED!!

Okay, it's the holidays and I'm feeling generous today! Therefor, I've decided to not only extend the giveaway 24 more hours - but I am also going to pick TWO winners! This has been lots of fun and I have met some great new blog friends, so what the heck! Tell all of your friends about Sister Sue and remember if you blog about the giveaway on your blog and send me the link in a comment; you get TWO entries! The contest will end December 8 at 9 P.M. CST.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A New Holiday Tradition

I stumbled upon this VERY cute tradition that I WILL be adding to our family this season. One of the blogs I follow regularly is Brassy Apple and Megan shared this in her post today:

"Allow me to introduce, Mr. Peeps. No, this isn't a creepy little elf "peeping" in your window (wink, wink). It's a fun new family Holiday Tradition! Bare with me here. I promise you'll love it! Mr. Peeps is an elf sent from Santa's workshop to watch if your kids are "Naughty" or "Nice". He arrives with a poem soon after Thanksgiving and goes home with Santa on Christmas Eve. He was a instant HIT at our house last year! Here is the poem that goes along with him:

Christmas is approaching, and this is the day
Santa has sent Mr. Peeps to your house to stay.
He send this small elf to your house and mine.
Soon after Thanksgiving, He must be on time.
Mr. Peeps has a purpose. His purpose will be,
To whisper to Santa all the good that he sees.
Soon after he gets here, he moves only at night
To high places, low places, he stays in plain sight.
In the kitchen, for instance, he sits high on a shelf.
Mr. Peeps can sit anywhere, for he is an elf.
He holds very still when he thinks you are watching.
His magic is precious, it fades with on touching.
He sits on the tree on Christmas Eve day.
He knows that Santa is soon on his way.
He waits and he waits without making a noise.
He waits until Santa arrives with the toys.
So you better be nice and mind what you say
Because Mr. Peeps will tell Santa when he comes with his sleigh.
Once Christmas is here and Santa has come,
Mr. Peeps must leave, for his job is well done.
But, he will return next year on the very same day,
To watch your behavior as you work and play.

- Sharon Reynolds

Isn't that fun?? A great way to help your kids be good this season. So pop on over to your local $1.00 store and see if they have any "elves" or pop onto Etsy and pick up a great handmade one or a kit to make one yourself!"

I LOVE this and will be starting it this weekend! Any help keeping the kids 'nice' and not 'naughty' is always welcome!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sister Sue Designs GIVEAWAY!

Yes folks, you read it right. I am hosting my first official Sister Sue Designs Giveaway! In honor of having my Etsy shop chosen by rossiessweetpeas to be featured in the EtsyKids Holiday Trunk Show tomorrow evening, I want to share with all of you!

The Sister Sue Diaper Tote has been a popular item and the subject of several review blogs as of late, so I'm giving it away! The diaper tote is a great way to carry several diapers and wipes (hard travel case or soft travel pack), with room to spare for hand sanatizer or a small tube of diaper cream. One reviewer said she fit 6 diapers plus wipes into hers! Whether you like to keep your diaper bag organized and diapers neat or just want to keep this handy (in your purse, glove box or stroller) for quick changes - they are handy!

So, how do you win?! Well, I happen to have several of these totes made up and ready to ship! If you could win, would you keep it for yourself? Give it as a gift? or want more than one?

Here's what you need to do to win. Head on over to my ETSY shop (click the link to the right) and then come back here and tell me, in a comment, which diaper tote you like the best. That's it, then you are entered. The winner will be chosen at random. Comments will close December 7 at 9 P.M. CST. Open to U.S. residents only.

Want to increase your chances at winning one of these lovelies? OK, I'm all about giving you more! Just write about this contest on your own blog and you'll be given an extra entry. But, in a seperate comment, you have to tell me you did this and post a link to it! Or, if you don't have a blog; simply watch the EtsyKids Holiday Trunk Show tomorrow night and send me a comment about another great shop that was featured.

This is so much fun! It's always better to give than to receive :) Be sure to log onto and visit the Virtual Labs on December 4 at 8 P.M. Eastern time to see my shop featured on the EtsyKids Holiday Trunk Show Debut!

A loss

Hard to believe, but just since Monday, I have lost 1 pound! Yep. I weighed in for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans this morning (Wednesdays are our "official" weigh in) and was pleasantly surprised. I had already prepared myself NOT to be disappointed if there was no change. But instead, I smiled and felt a little more confidence that I can do this! So, my official weight today is 167.5 lbs. Yeah!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Challenge Begins...

When I woke up this morning, I knew it was December 1st. The beginning (again) of my weight loss commitment. I have been thinking about it during the Thanksgiving break, and I am ready. Before hitting the shower, I weighed in for the first time in a LONG time. Not as bad as I anticipated, but still nothing to be proud of....168.5 lbs. My goal is 150. That is the weight I was PRE-children. I think it is reasonable...

Wish me luck!

They picked ME! Well, Sister Sue....

Today is shaping up to be a great day for Sister Sue Designs! I received a conversation in my Etsy mail today (this is totally unsolicited) here's what it said....

"Guess who is blogged on my blog page and we are sharing your shop on our Trunk debut on DEC.4 at of course. Please check out our link to your shop and stop by Dec 4 if you can...."

Really?! Wow!? So, I checked out rozzissweetpeas blog and it said this:

"After a lot of grunt work and lots of email, typing our fingers to the bone and working til way past midnite, we are down to the last few days. This is going to be so much fun, just a few minutes out of your time and you can sit back and meet in the ETSY VIRTUAL LAB WITH me and some other really nifty crafters. It's like sitting down with the CEO of Target or Walmart and they will show you all the stuff they are excited about.

We will be sharing with another ETSYKIDS shop to show off them too, we have picked this darling shop ( to show off."

So, in case you are wondering - YES! This is a BIG deal. Other indie crafters and Etsy shoppers will be checking out my shop and (hopefully) buying too. This is part of the ETSYKIDS Trunk Show on December 4th. I am honored that they want to share my shop and talk about the things I create.

As a thank you to my readers and customers....I am going to host a SISTER SUE GIVEAWAY. So, check back for the details and be sure to shop handmade this holiday season!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steps in the right direction....many steps

Wow! I am a lucky girl. I think. Look at what my husband bought for us today! A brand new, shiny elliptical machine - minus the skinny chick. I will never look like this ab ripped young(er) lady. But, we are both dedicated to losing weight and this is just what we need to do it! No excuses. It will be right here, in our house. It will be delivered on Sunday and we are starting our NEW healthier lifestyle on Monday 12/1/08. Construction just finished in our basement and this lovely new member of our family will be parked right in the EXERCISE ROOM. Yep. We now have an exercise room. I am going to be steppin' my way to a thinner me for 2009.

But, for today, I am looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving Holiday with my family. I am going to control portion size, but enjoy it all! Because Monday is the start of a new me....

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Join the Challenge

I have decided that I need to lose some weight. This is no secret. Little by little, I have gained a few here and there. Since turning 35 this year, the newly added pounds are distributing themselves in some not so pretty places (*read: arm and back fat, eeewww*). My current weight is probably the heaviest I have been NOT post pregnancy. So, there's no excuse. I just love food.

Last night I had the conversation with my husband that "I am not happy with the way I look" and "I have to do something about it"; you know the drill. I must say
he did reply, "I still like the way you look" ahhh, isn't he sweet?! Then today my friend Beth unveiled her new blog! PERFECT! It is called The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. It's like it is meant to be....

You have to check out this blog, I have every confidence that it is going to work for me! Look to the right side bar and click on her button to visit! She and some friends are going to host weight loss challenges, post recipes, blog about their weight loss and hold us accountable for losing weight. Amazing, I never knew weight loss could be so fun.

So, join me as I embark on this journey. I am going to blog about it here (for now) and on her site as I support my fellow sisters in their weight loss journey!

Now I'm going to go apple :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Recycled Buzz

Today it is a cold, windy day with a touch of drizzle to really hammer home the idea that it is November. Megan is home sick from school. And it just looks dreary outside. A.J. came downstairs this afternoon and wanted to know if he could wear his Halloween costume again. Sure, why not? That is why moms toil and stress over finding just the right costume - even though the kids change their minds 12 times before Halloween. Right? And why I go to the Disney Store and pay double what I would at a discount store! Well, here he is in all of his glory! What's with the mouse ears, you ask? Hmmm...not sure. We picked up those lovelies at Disneyland this summer. In his defense, they do have a glow in the dark Buzz patch with Buzz Lightyear green (glow in the dark) ears! So they match, or at least he thinks so! Our little Buzz is going to be around for a long time.....bought it big.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Just finished the block order for Mudd Kids in Australia! I feel like everything looks square these days, as this order was for 8 sets of 3 blocks per set....that's 24 blocks! No wonder I feel like a blockhead. I love the way all of these fabrics "gel" together and appear so vivid. Hopefully the babies will love them too! Thanks Mudd Kids...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brotherly love

Busy, busy....

As you can see, things have been crazy around here! We moved into our new home a month ago and I am tired. Unpacking seems to be never ending.I think the boxes reproduce while I am sleeping and greet me in the morning. I will be thrilled if I never see another cardboard box again! But, when all of the complaining is done - I LOVE our new home! There is not anything about it I wish to be different. It is perfect. In about 10 days, our basement will be finished and my new sewing studio will be DONE! I designed it myself and can't wait to move in and unpack those boxes. Did I just admit to looking forward to more unpacking? Maybe I am going crazy :)

I also have 'almost' completed a very large order that partially shipped to Blue Bird & Co. in Chattanooga, TN. An upscale baby studio that will carry Sister Sue items. Take a look at some of the fun items; I am so proud of this stuff. It has been quite a challenge to be displaced and have stuff here, there and everywhere!

Enjoy the pics. Gotta sew (and unpack)....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

They grow up so fast.....

Today was A.J.'s first day of preschool. Wow, where does the time go? I remember walking through the halls of this preschool with my (almost) 9 year old, Megan - pregnant with A.J.! I didn't think it would bother me to send him off this morning, I was not going to be like those first time moms that cry when her youngest leaves the nest. But, I must admit that my eyes welled up when I saw him proudly pose at the front door with his new backpack. (Sigh) They really grow up fast.....

What have I been up to?

I am sure you have been wondering what I have been up to and thinking that I have fallen off the face of the earth. But, alas, I am still here! I have had the most incredibly (is that correct english?)busy summer....EVER! I will not bore you with all of the details, but it was filled with lots of travel, the death of my grandmother, busy kid schedules, more travel and the explosive growth of my business!! I am excited to unveil my new blog make over & logo redesign by Ruby & Roja....aren't we pretty now! I must say that working with Beth over at Ruby & Roja is one of the best experiences I have had through the growth of my new business. I highly recommend her and her team! Scroll down the right side of my blog and click on their icon to check them out!

My second great experience is these awesome professional photos that my friend Angela Epperson took of my diaper totes! I met her through my cousin (thanks Melissa!) and she takes awesome photos! We are going to work together to photograph more items, as they are finished! Contact me if you are interested in her information....I love to share!

Last but not least; I have sewn and sewn 'til I can't sew no more!! OK, not really - I would never give up sewing. I have LOTS of new fabrics not yet available on my site. I am finishing an order that will ship SOON to Blue Bird & Co. in Tennessee. I have another order that will be shipped to MUDD 4 Kids in Australia, and Sister Sue is now available locally in Downtown Overland Park, KS at Park Place Gifts.

Sew, as you can see; I have had no time to blog!! But I'm back and committing to regular blog posts!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Finale....

Some cool pics of Union Station and the firework finale.

Celebration at the Station

Okay, so I know that Memorial Day has passed; but those who know me are aware that it takes me awhile to get through my pictures! So, these pictures are from an event we attended this year, on Memorial Day, called Celebration at the Station. It is held at Union Station in Kansas City, in front of the Liberty Memorial (also home to the only WWI memorial and museum). The Kansas City Symphony plays patriotic songs and veterans are honored. The kids LOVED it! At the end of the evening, there was a 45 minute fireworks display with the Memorial in the background. Truly awesome! Over 40,000 people attended and it grows each year. I am so happy that my kids appreciate many types of music and get excited to see/hear the symphony play! It was a very "moving" evening....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Second Apron Finished!

The second apron swap I signed up for is from a blog I follow called "A Feathered Nest." The theme for this swap is also summer and the apron must have a pocket and some embellishment. I chose to use fun black, white and red fabrics because the gal I am swapping with talks on her blog about how she LOVES black and white! Perfect! Then I added a pocket and several different trims; ric rack, velvet ribbon, etc. This was fun and I hope "Shelli" in Utah loves it!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fabulous new fabric finds....

Today, I traveled to Lawrence, KS to visit my FAVORITE fabric store - Sarah's Fabrics. It is a sizable, but quaint store in the middle of a college town (home to the KU Jayhawks). But, her selection of fabrics is AMAZING! She carries a lot of my favorite designers; Alexander Henry, Michael Miller, Anna Maria Horner, and SO many more. Today, my favorite finds were "boy" fabrics. They seem to be harder to find, as so many fabrics are pretty and flowery or too "cheesy" boy stuff! Today, I found some cool fabric finds - just ask my 3 year old, he thinks they are all for him! Some trendy "flames", cool construction stuff, stripes, frogs, and western ....
I plan to work this weekend, as the orders are coming in at a steady pace! Hopefully, I will have some new items to post and sell in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We are on the web!!!

Check it out! My stuff has made it onto the web!! About a month ago, I received an email from the editor of Mama Speaks asking if they could review my cloth play blocks. Apparently, one of my customers had referred my blocks to them. Of course my response was, "YES, PLEASE!" Such a happy and glorifying moment right now.....

Check them out at

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap

On Saturday, I mailed the apron that I made for the Sassy Apron Swap that I joined. The theme was "summer" and I am just thrilled with the way mine turned out! I used a bold daisy print with a yummy polka dot contrast fabric. The pattern was by Indigo Junction and turned out so "retro." Jamie said, "It looks very June Cleaver." I guess in many ways he's right - but why not be stylish if you HAVE to cook?!
My swap partner is in Australia and her blog is called Betty in the Kitchen (listed under my favorites to the right). Can't wait to hear if she likes it! I also can't wait to see what apron I receive!


I finally took the time to start a blog! I have been wanting to do it, and drooling over so many others that I follow; but have not had the time or confidence to try! Well, look at me....I did this all by myself! It may not be perfect, but I am sure there is a learning bear with me!