Monday, April 27, 2009

A place to lay your head

I feel as though I am always looking for a unique and different gift idea for my kids to give at birthday parties. One of our all time favorites is to give a pillowcase. Not your run of the mill, plain jane pillowcase - but a KIDcase PILLOWcase from Sister Sue Designs! Kids LOVE them because they are bright and fun; parents LOVE them because it is a practical gift with a twist! We generally give them paired with a book, so kids can kick back and relax. I LOVE to give books, as we are big readers at our house!

There are so many occasions you could gift a KIDcase PILLOWcase! Celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, vacations, sleepovers, transition to a "big bed" or make a hospital stay special and memorable. I am sure you can think of other great ways to give one! Boys and girls alike love to receive them. This weekend, I made 7 of them to fill local orders! Whew! Happy moms everywhere as kids want to chill out and read a book - maybe they will sneak in a nap too! Always good when the kids want to LAY DOWN and be quiet; or look forward to going to bed.

So, try one - your kids will LOVE them!

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