Monday, December 29, 2008

Blown Away

At 4:32 AM on Saturday morning, I woke up to the LOUDEST sound I have ever heard. Now, having grown up in Kansas and living here off and on most of my life; I'm no stranger to severe weather and have spent time waiting out tornado watches/warnings in the basement. But, on Saturday morning - I heard THAT sound. The 'freight train' sound tornado survivors talk about. OMG it is LOUD, and I swear it went right over my house! I bolted out of bed and led the kids to the basement. Thank goodness, it was so dark out behind our house that I could not see what was happening. But I could hear it. After about 20 minutes, we returned upstairs and the sound was gone. I got back into bed, but couldn't stop my heart from racing. As the sun came up, we saw the destruction. We have a tile roof (concrete tiles, y' all) and there were a couple tiles in the grass. The glass patio table was shattered, the swingset overturned and launched in to the wooded area behind us, the screens on our beautiful screened deck blown out, outdoor furniture thrown into the rod iron fence like dollhouse furniture; arrghhghhh.... it goes on. The important thing is that we are safe. It is all fixable, just a pain to go through the process. After all, this is a NEW house and we thought our contractor days were over! So, Toto, I guess we ARE in Kansas!

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