Monday, December 1, 2008

They picked ME! Well, Sister Sue....

Today is shaping up to be a great day for Sister Sue Designs! I received a conversation in my Etsy mail today (this is totally unsolicited) here's what it said....

"Guess who is blogged on my blog page and we are sharing your shop on our Trunk debut on DEC.4 at of course. Please check out our link to your shop and stop by Dec 4 if you can...."

Really?! Wow!? So, I checked out rozzissweetpeas blog and it said this:

"After a lot of grunt work and lots of email, typing our fingers to the bone and working til way past midnite, we are down to the last few days. This is going to be so much fun, just a few minutes out of your time and you can sit back and meet in the ETSY VIRTUAL LAB WITH me and some other really nifty crafters. It's like sitting down with the CEO of Target or Walmart and they will show you all the stuff they are excited about.

We will be sharing with another ETSYKIDS shop to show off them too, we have picked this darling shop ( to show off."

So, in case you are wondering - YES! This is a BIG deal. Other indie crafters and Etsy shoppers will be checking out my shop and (hopefully) buying too. This is part of the ETSYKIDS Trunk Show on December 4th. I am honored that they want to share my shop and talk about the things I create.

As a thank you to my readers and customers....I am going to host a SISTER SUE GIVEAWAY. So, check back for the details and be sure to shop handmade this holiday season!

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