Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sister Sue Studio - Part 2

So, on the last post, I realized I posted my pictures backwards from how I planned for you to see them! I guess you walked backwards through my studio. Ha, Ha!

I also couldn't post all of the pictures I planned to show. That's why there's a part 2. Out of my ignorance of Blogger.

One of the other best things about the space is the closet. It's....well, GIANT. At our last home, I had all of my fabrics stored in plastic storage bins. Now, they are folded neatly (for now) on lovely shelves; where I can see ALL of them.

You may be thinking how amazingly clean and organized the studio looks right now. But, alas, I cleaned and put everything in it's place for the pictures. Anyone who knows me will agree that it won't stay this pristine for long. Creativity thrives in clutter - in my opinion!

And the last picture turned out dark because when I look out of my studio on a beautiful day, I can see the sunshine in the backyard. I love that.

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PJ and Melissa said...

I love how organized it all is!