Friday, March 27, 2009

New look

I am so excited to unveil my "new look" to all of you! As my business has grown over the past year, it was time for my image to grow also. Maybe "grow up" is a better way to say it. In the beginning of Sister Sue, I loved the flower. But it was time to lose it and find my own identity. My good friend Beth, at Ruby & Roja, designed my new Sister Sue logo (she also designed my blog. Love it. Keepin' the flower here). Don't you love the font that looks like I sewed it? *Sigh* Love at first sight.

Next step was to take my new logo to my local MO girl, Julie, of Stockwell Designs. Folks, she does incredible work! Just look at it, that is my business card! So, for all of my Etsy friends looking for help with their look, she's your magician. I told her thoughts I had and what I definitely didn't want; and she made it very difficult to narrow down my options! She is the Art Director, Creative Designs at a big company; but is spinning up her own company on the side. She doesn't have her own website yet, but if you are interested in her contact info, let me know. She also designed awesome stickers, tags, and letterhead. I have letterhead! So, someone request that I send you and letter, m'kay? Then order something from my shop, so that I can send you something with a sticker on the box and a lovely new tag. I love stickers. Guess I'll eternally be a 6 yr. old sticker collector.

So, go now and check out the new look at my shop (Julie designed my banner too)! Go. Now. Please....

Isn't it divine? *Sigh. LOVE.

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Ang and Matt said...

I LOVE it!!! Now lets get you some more photos to share all of your stuff!!!