Thursday, March 19, 2009

Come on in...

I always think it's fun and interesting to see where people live, and work, and play. I thought it might be interesting to you to see my new studio!

Back in September, we moved to a new home. I love it. We have lived in several homes since we've been married (14 years), but they've always had a "time limit" of sorts. The "first house" when we got married was a "fixer upper" and we got our fill of fixin'. Then the "grown up" house in Colorado that reminded us of the one's we grew up in. It was 4 bedrooms, two stories; the one we planned to start our family in - and did. Then was the "transfer - brand new home" back to Kansas - unexpectedly, due to my husband's promotion. That's when we decided a brand new house that was quickly finished; required a lot of fixin' too! But it was our "10 year plan"; great neighborhood, close to schools and everything else. Our son was born while we lived in this home. But, we gradually neared 10 years (without realizing it) and slowly outgrew the space.

This summer we happened upon this house and instantly knew it would be our next home. This is "the one." This is the house we will raise our children in, they will grow up here and bring their friends here. We will grow old here.

All along our plan was to finish the basement and give me the studio I always wanted. My own space. I am a lucky girl. The construction was finished in November, but my studio continues to "evolve". I tried to do my homework and really make sure the bones of the space were work friendly to me and that everything flows. Most everything is unpacked. I am still working on the "stuff" and decorating it exactly how I want it. But it's fun to have my own area that is everything I love. It is LOVE.

Everything has a place in my studio. I love that. It is right in my basement! All I have to do is "go downstairs" and BAM, I'm at work. I love that. I just bought the chair at my writing/laptop desk; it is green! I love that. It's from here, and I love this store. Last, but not least are all of the little things on my shelves above the work stations. Birds. I love birds!

I gotta go to work. I love that.

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PJ and Melissa said...

The green chair is very cool! Love it!