Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Growing up

It is hard to believe that Sister Sue Designs has been open for almost a year! As that happens, it means my "customers" are growing up. All of those precious babies that needed burp cloths and booties are now needing bigger bibs and cloth play blocks. My original bib design fits 0-9 months, which presents a problem for all of these little darlings.

I am proud to introduce the new "toddler bib." Designed for 9+ months, it has some of the great things you love about Sister Sue and lots of new features. The toddler bib is still reversible with a resin snap; no scratchy velcro to tire out! It is also still made from 100% cotton fabrics, that continue to be fun and stylish. A great new feature of the toddler bib is the bamboo core. Bamboo is the "new cotton" these days, and growing in popularity for organic trends. It is naturally more absorbant than cotton, smooth, breathable and naturally antibacterial. So, it's a great fit for toddlers!

As for the toddler bib style, you'll notice that it has changed too. Instead of wrestling your toddler to get the bib fastened behind their neck, this one easily and quickly snaps at their shoulder.

Sister Sue Designs will continue to "grow up" and expand to fit the toddler world; while keeping stylish, original designs for the new siblings that will soon join many of these lovely families!

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Melissa said...

Jen you amaze me! Your products are awesome and getting more and more creative and you still manage to be super Mom!